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Flying cameras is not a new thing but our Defy Cable Cam Systems provide a cost effective, simple and reliable solution for productions large and small.  Our point to point cable cam systems can be setup quickly and efficiently to have your production up and running in no time. Best of all, all of our systems can easily travel anywhere in the USA or worldwide as checked luggage.  Rest assured we have a Cable Cam solution to fit all types of budgets and productions.

SAFETY The most important item on any system is safety.  Our Cable Cam systems are a great choice for situations such as live events, concerts, commercials and feature films.  All our Defy Cable Cam Systems have multiple redundancies allowing the sled to safely operate over crowds, stages and extensive set designs.  Digital safety stops selected by the user can automatically stop the system in tracks to keep the operators attention on the shot while keeping things safe. Redundant lines are also available to keep the system safe in the event of any line failure.  Cable cam systems can also be a great alternative for drone work when permitting is not feasible for a location.


  • Powerful 48v power drive system
  • Capable of Payloads up to 100 lbs
  • Carries 100 lbs payloads up to 30 mph
  • Average speed of 35 mph w/ lighter payloads
  • Run Time: 8-10 hrs
  • User control of gains, slip control, acceleration and top speed
  • Easily adapts to wide variety of gimbals including mitchell mount & toad in hole
  • Pulse Controller allows operator to control all parameters system over 915 mhz signal
  • Extremely Safe design allows for dual lines for the ultimate in on set safety
  • 48v Power allows to run system for up to 8 hours
  • Internal 24v/ 4 PTap power options to keep all systems running
  • User controllable in and out points with anti slip braking for customized repeatability
  • Can be run at distances of up to 2500’
  • Optional foot controls for single operator function
  • Compact: Easily travels anywhere in the world in one travel friendly case
  • Recommended stabilized heads (Add MoVI pro and MOVI XL gimbal


  • Specifically Designed to carry lightweight handheld camera gimbals
  • Simple, smart and safe single operator design
  • Pro features in a small single package
  • Carries 25 lbs payloads up to 35 mph
  • Half the size and weight of our Dactlycam Pro packages
  • Accurate autonomous control with programmable stops
  • Customizable control of speed, braking and ramping via Pulse Controller
  • Real time telemetry and date
  • Long Range control over 915 mhz or heavy RF Environments
  • Capable of speeds up to 30mph
  • Compact: Easily travels anywhere in the world in one travel friendly case
  • Works great with MOVI PRO