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Motion State and Cinemoves are proud to bring you Cinemoves Northwest. Our partnership with Cinemoves now offers us the ability to bring you Hollywood level camera support to the Northwest. Cinemoves is synonymous with outfitting the biggest productions in the industry with technocranes, stabilized heads and support systems. Not only has Cinemoves become a staple in the feature film world but they have also built a reputation of a company that is all about the people that work for them.  Like Cinemoves, at Motion State we are all about our people and the relationships with our clients. With our Cinemoves partnership, we are proud to bring Seattle its first technocrane. With our collaboration, we also have the ability to offer our clients the entire Cinemoves global arsenal of services to all our productions at competitive pricing for any production large or small. For more on what Cinemoves has to offer please visit their website or feel free to contact us anytime to talk more about your next productions needs.

TECHNOCRANE 30′ | Seattle’s only Technocrane

From commercials to live events, the Motion State Technocrane 30’ is ready to fly the camera for your next shoot. Our crew of trained and experienced Technocrane Ops are both Local 600 and fully certified techs and operators.  Whether you want to fly a full size stabilized cinema package for you next commercial or need a live video solution for your next event we have a package and solution for any productions needs. Our Techno 30 is fully equipped with our GMC 2500 HD and Custom Trailer to bring the crane to any location in the USA. On board our trailer we also offer fully wireless power solutions, wireless headsets, 40’ of Dolly Track, Generators, a wide array of stabilized heads as well as wireless HD Video transmission and monitors.


  • Extension Reach from Post 30’
  • Retracted Reach from Post 8’
  • Max Lens Height Underslung: 26’
  • Max Lens Height Overslung: 32’
  • Base width: 3’8”-5’
  • Minimum Clearance: 6’8”
  • Telescopic Range: 22’
  • Max Telescopic Speed: 6’ per second
  • Total Weight w/ Payload/ counterweights: 3,330lbs
  • Empty Crane Weight: 1,337 lbs



  • The world’s most advanced 3 axis gimbal
  • Our personal favorite piece of equipment here at Motion State
  • Capable of payloads up to 15 lbs
  • Wide variety of applications: handheld, aerial, crane, car work, dollies, jibs Movi Pro does it all!
  • Multiple power outputs, 3 Ptaps & hot swappable batteries
  • Run time with full cinema package up to 1hr+
  • Integrated FIZ systems
  • Embedded LCD for fine tuning and customization
  • Full RED RCP Integration
  • Can be operated as single operator or dual operation mode
  • 360 Degree Roll
  • Can be operated overslung or underslung
  • Internal 2.4 GHZ long range control with available MOVI Controller, Mimic or Wheels
  • Weight: 5.8lbs


  • The world’s most advanced 3 axis gimbal hit the gym!
  • Payloads up to 55 lbs + If you can balance it will take it!
  • Same Ecosystem as MOVI PRO
  • Excellent choice as Wireless Remote Head for Russian Arm, Technocrane and Cable Cam work
  • High torque output for high speed pursuit (we’ve had it ripping over 110 mph+)
  • Run time with 6S LIPO batteries runs full Camera package and gimbal up to 3hrs
  • Integrated FIZ system and Full RED RCP Integration
  • Internal 2.4 GHZ long range control with available MOVI Controller, Mimic or Wheels
  • Can be hard wired as well for challenging RF conditions
  • Can be operated overslung and underslung
  • Mitchell mount connection
  • Fully customizable tuning for specific user operation


  • The go to system to keep our technocrane and camera productions powered all day!
  • Clean, mobile power for all your production needs
  • Great alternative to noisy generators, provides more power than a Honda EU2000
  • 2.5kWh capacity battery
  • Digital Management Interface
  • 4 USB ports at 2A each
  • Safe for all types of 120v, 50 or 60Hz and 25 Amp continuous
  • Includes 2500W DC to AC Inverter with 2 standard plugs-Charge and power just about anything
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • For more info please visit Cinetrix, click here.
  • Power an entire system for 5 hours of continuous use


  • Ultimate HD Wireless, Zero-Delay Video System designed for the most discerning pros
  • Capable of delivering HD Video up to 3000 ft
  • Dual HD-SDI and HDMI input and output with Loop through
  • Capable of up to 4 receivers
  • Manual frequency adjustment, 3D-Lut engine and 5 ghz spectrum analyzer built in
  • AES 128 video encryption
  • Multiple power options
  • Panel Array for directional signal in hard RF Environments
  • Compatible with Small HD 703 Bolt Monitor, Teradek Sidekick and any other Teradek 3rd Gen Systems


  • 4 Person Comms system with open line communication
  • 2 Dual Ear Headsets (great for loud environments)
  • 2 Single Ear Headsets (great for when AD is yelling at you)
  • Hands free communication
  • Eliminates wires and belt-worn radios
  • Extra batteries and charger included
  • Run time 6 hrs
  • Range up to 1300’
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