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  • Powerful 48v power drive system
  • Capable of Payloads up to 100 lbs
  • Carry 100 lbs payloads up to 30 mph
  • Average Speed of 35 mph with lighter payloads
  • User control of gains, drive wheel slip control, acceleration and top speed
  • Adapts to wide variety of gimbals including Mitchell mount and toad in hole
  • Pulse controller allows operator to control all parameters of cable cam over 915 mhz signal
  • Design allows to run cable cam on dual lines for the ultimate on set safety
  • 48v Power allows to run system for up to 8 hours
  • Internal 24v power allows to power other camera systems all day long with 4 Ptap connections
  • User controllable in and out points with braking
  • Can be run at distances of up to 2500’
  • Optional Foot controls for single operator function
  • Fits into one travel friendly case
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