Toyota – ‘FT-1 Detroit Auto Launch’

Calty Design Research approached us to help them create a seemingly one take sequence throughout their design facility for the launch of their new FT-1 at the Detroit Auto Show.  Corey Koniniec brought on the help of Voda Studios to help produce the project while he worked with Calty director Mototaka Minami to design the shot sequence.  This was all shot on RED EPIC, Zeiss Contax Glass and the MOVI M10 Gimbal.  All Aerials were shot with the Cinestar HL with the MOVI MR Gimbal.
DP: Corey Koniniec
Produced by: Voda Studios
Directed by: Mototaka Minami
MōVI Operators: Corey Koniniec, Nathan Yant
1st AC: Justin Eeles
Audio: Mike McEntire

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