Titleist Golf – ‘Script Notes: Webb Simpson’

From 50 yards out, Webb Simpson takes “a simple motion—halfway back, and halfway through” that flies his Pro V1x golf ball low and lands short of the pin. We were brought on by longtime clients and good friends Titleist Golf to help bring their Script Notes Series Vision to life with the use of incredible Drone Ops Team. Motion State Op Corey Koniniec and Aerial Edge Pilot Nick Kolias helped bring this vision to life with the use of our FAA approved Heavylift Drone Package.
Client: Titleist Golf
Director: Joe Hafera, Matt Beauchesne
Drone Pilot: Nick Kolias
Drone Camera Op: Corey Koniniec
Drone AC: Amber Koniniec

Drone: Freefly Cinestar 8
Gimbal: Freefly MOVI M15
Camera: Red Carbon Dragon
Lense: Zeiss Contax

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