Tesla – ‘Coast to Coast’

On January 30, 2014, Tesla Motors embarked on the journey of a lifetime. The plan was to drive two Model S sedans across the United States, powering them for free on the newly completed cross-continental Supercharger network. In addition, the team set the world record for charge time of an electric vehicle driving the across the US. Corey Koniniec was brought in to handle the entire documentary process.  This video was shot using the Freefly Systems MOVI M10 along with the RED Epic and Canon C500.  We lived out of a van for 4 days and only stopped for gas.  No setup shots just run and gun.  Shooting out of windows, hanging out of the van and through all mother nature could give us our MOVI handled it well.
DP: Corey Koniniec
Director / Editor : Nick Francis at Tesla Motors
MōVI Operators: Corey Koniniec, Ryan Haug
1st AC: Kenny Breit

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