Stemilt – ‘Skylar Rae Cherries’

Wenatchee based Stemilt Growers has been trusting Motion State for years to help bring their stories to life.  This project was created out of the need to tell the story about a new and incredible cherry the company was launching to the market called  the Skylar Ray.  With an incredibly sensitive and challenging story, Stemilt entrusted the Motion State team to craft and produce the project from start to finish.  From Concept to Production and Post we handled it all for the Stemilt Marketing Team.  This video was used to showcase and tell the story of this incredibly cherry during a trade show called PMA as well as now lives on their website.
Client: Stemilt
Director/ Produced by: Corey & Amber Koniniec
Direct of Photograhy: Corey Koniniec
MōVI Op: Corey Koniniec, Nathan Yant
Drone pilot: Nathan Yant
Aerials Op: Corey Koniniec
Audio: Elijah Lawson
Grip & Lighting: Energy Arts

Equipment Used
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lense: Zeiss Super Speeds and Standards
Stabilized Head: Freefly Systems MOVI M15
Drone: DJI Inspire X5R

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