Specialized Bikes – ‘Turbo Levo E-Bike’

When Awarding Winning Canadian and US based production company Freeride Entertainment approached us about the idea of us providing aerial services for  their upcoming Specialized Bikes campaign we immediately said yes!  Motion State Aerial DP Corey Koniniec and Elevated Productions Lead Pilot Nick Wolcott traveled to Finale Ligure, Italy shoot the launch of the Turbo Levo E-Mountain Bike campaign.  For 6 days we hiked around the trails on the Mediterranean Sea armed with our Freefly Systems Alta 8 equipped with the MOVI M15 and RED Carbon Dragon.  The result of a lot of sweat and exhaustion is what you see here.  Totally epic!  This what we specialize in.  Being able to shoot in the most remote locations in the world at a moments notice.
Client: Specialized Bikes
Production: Freeride Entertainment
Directed by: Jeremy Grant
Director of Photography: Corey Horton
Drone Pilot: Nick Wolcott
Drone Camera Op: Corey Koniniec
Drone AC: Amber Koniniec, Sara Wolcott

Equipment Used
Drone: Freefly Systems Alta 8
Gimbal: MOVI M15
Camera: Red Carbon Dragon
Lense: Zeiss Contax

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