Shift MX – ‘Ken Roczen Ride Above’

Fox Motorsports came to Motion State with the need to document Supercross Star Ken Roczen for a video project entitled: Ride Above.  They did not want drone but instead the ability to fly a camera from above in a very calculated and repeatable manner.  We had just the solution, the Dactylcam Cable cam paired with the Freefly MOVI M15 stabilized head.  Motion State Ops Corey Koniniec and Ryan Haug where able to fly the RED Carbon Dragon at very calculated speeds and height above the athletes motorcycle.  The result was a whole new perspective to coincide with the RIDE ABOVE campaign.  And since they were using the MOVI M15 as the head they were able to quickly pop it off to get some bonus handheld stabilized shots which made the cut and was total bonus to the client.
Client: Fox Moto Lab
Director: Ryan Marcus
MōVI Ops: Corey Koniniec, Ryan Haug, Ty Evans
Cable Cam Ops: Corey Koniniec, Ryan Haug, Cowboy & Paul Wolfe

Equipment Used
Cable Cam: Defy Dactylcam
Stabilized Head: Freefly MOVI M15
Camera: RED Carbon Dragon
Lens: RED 17-50
Wireless: Teradek Bolt 3000
Other Equipment used: Phantom Flex and Shotover K1

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