NBC – ‘Chasing 43’

Our crew was humbled with the opportunity to work on a short form documentary about “The King” Richard Petty.  Motion State Ops Corey Koniniec and Ryan Haug traveled around America’s Heartland to tell the story of the 43 car from “The King” to its current driver Aric Almirola.  Armed with our MOVI M15 and RED Cameras we spent 4 weeks around the tracks, cars, the people and of course the roar of NASCAR.  This short form documentary envisioned and Directed by Matt Allen with incredible vision direction of Samson Chan was nominated for Emmy in Short Form Documentaries.
Client: Smithfield Racing
Production: NBC Sports
Directed: Matt Allen
Director of Photography: Samson Chan
MōVI Operator: Corey Koniniec & Ryan Haug
1st AC: Justin Eeles & Nathan Yant

Camera: Red Dragon
Glass: Ziess Contax and Canon EF
Gimbal: MOVI M15

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