Microsoft Surface & NFL – ‘Clap Your Hands’

Acclaimed Director of Photography, David G. Wilson reached out to Motion State help him achieve his vision for the Microsoft Surface “Clap Your Hands” Campaign. His biggest question was how could we move a small lightweight high speed camera very fast without the use the track.  We told him we have just the answer, the Freefly Systems Tero.  So we loaded up the toys and joined David and his team to document some of the best players in the NFL.  The pinnacle of the shoot was chasing down Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Locket at a full out sprint with our High powered RC Car capable of speeds of 40mph loaded up with the Phantom Miro Camera. Motion State Op/ Driver Ryan Haug drove the RC Car within inches of his feet to get the shot of Tyler catching the ball.  Definitely one of our favorite shots of the year!  Along with the Tero we utilized the MOVI M15 to freely move with the players in challenging conditions without constraints.
Client: Microsoft
Agency: CMD
Production: Afterall
Director: John O’Connell
Director of Photography: David Wilson
MōVI Op: Corey Koniniec, Ryan Haug
Tero Op: Corey Koniniec, Ryan Haug

Stabilized Systems: Freefly Systems Movi M15
Specialty Gear: Freefly Systems Tero
Camera: Phantom Miro and Alexa Mini
Lense: Zeiss Super Speeds

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