La Lucha

In 1962, Fidel Castro banned all professional (for profit) sports in Cuba. For Cuba’s top athletes this means a tough choice. Stay in Cuba, their home, or defect and follow their dreams. This is the story of two-time Olympic gold medalist Mario Kindelán Mesa.  This project was completely self funded by Director and DP Justin Henning and Motion State.  Our crew embarked to Cuba for 10 days equipped with our arsenal of 2 Alexa Minis, Zeiss Super Speeds and MOVI M15.  With no contact with the outside world during the shoot and no idea if we would ever get our gear out the country, we are proud to share this film with the world.
Produced by: SOCIETY
Exec Producer: Harry Calbom & David Holm
Producer: Carlos Gómez & Reymel Delgado Rodriguez
Cinematographer: Justin Henning
Movi Operator: Ryan Haug
Assistant Director: Jimmy Ochoa
Camera Assistant: Matt Louie
2nd AC: Hannol Rodriguez
Sound: Elijah Lawson & Ariel Novo

Equipment Used:
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lense: Zeiss Super Speed
Gimbal: Freefly Systems MOVI M15

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