Burton – ‘Snowboards 2013 Trailer’

I have been working with Burton Snowboards extensively for the past 5 years and in snowboarding for the past 15. My close relationship with Burton has given our company the very unique ability to be involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process. From shooting to editing to conceptualizing commercials we have done it all together. This intro was something completely unique and new for both companies. For this shoot Burton wanted to create an intro for their new Snowboarding Web Series called Burton Presents [Snowboarding]. Utilizing Burton’s pro snowboard athletes and their legendary snowboarding factory in Vermont, we were able to create a completely new and unique intro for their movie. Once again we utilized the MoVI M10 and Red Epic to create a seamless one take style intro for the project. As always our DP4 for onboard monitoring and our two SmallHD DP7 Pro monitors were used to control the camera as well as for our AC to pull focus. One of the most utilized features of our SmallHD monitors on this shoot was being able to use the histograms, waveforms and focus peaking to make sure we were always in focus and spot on with our exposures. Take a look and check it out.
Directed by: Corey Koniniec and Alex Adrian
DP: Corey Koniniec
MōVI Operators: Corey Koniniec, Sam Nuttmann
1st AC: Gabe Lheureux

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